Polydesign Systems

A Word from Management


I am proud that Exco Technologies Limited chose Morocco as its European design and manufacturing facility and to have been involved from the inception of Polydesign.

Polydesign has long been known as a model company in Tangier Free Zone, and all of the employees and management have contributed to this dream that was ours to create a company where merit is rewarded, prosperity is shared and people have the opportunity to grow and evolve in their personal and professional lives.

Polydesign is made up of amazing individuals, each of whom is special in his/her own way and contributes to our culture and our success, working together, as one, diverse team. Polydesign’s team makes sure to cherish the company, nurture it, and fight hard to keep it strong, so Excellence with Integrity is achieved.

Our job as management is to provide an environment, where the seeds of the future can be planted and can then flourish, so my commitment is to do everything in my power to ensure we do just that.



Julianne M Furman

EXCO Automative Solutions Europe

General Manager