Polydesign Systems
Our Environment and Safety Policy


Through its values, its mission and its continual quest for Excellence in Quality, the respect of the Environment and Safety, Polydesign Systems is commited to vigorously pursuing an approach foccused on environmental and safety protection according to ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 Norms.

Polydesign Systems’ Management commits to :

  • Stay current on health, environmental, safety and other applicable laws and regulations, evaluate them, adhere to them and verify they are applied.
  • Avoid pollution, protect the environment and minimize our discharges at the source, as well as re-using, recycling, then quantifying and eliminating them in our waste management.
  • Identify and evaluate significant impacts with the implementation of a program to reduce and eliminate them.
  • Reduce and optimize energy consumption and use of our natural resources, particularly water and electricity.
  • Identify and evaluate risks, analyze accidents, incidents and dangerous situations and implement preventive and corrective actions.
  • Develop an HSSE culture by continually heightening the awareness and training of our personnel and other actors and by ensuring their qualification and aptitude.
  • Animate and bring to life this policy to effectively communicate both internally and externally regarding our policy and favor information coming from those immediately involved.
  • Ensure improvement in our HSSE performance and allocate the necessary means and resources and periodically assist all of the process pilots to achieve the company’s objectives.

Polydesign Systems’ Management commits to providing a framework enabling the continual improvement of our Environmental and Safety Management System to satisfy our customers and other interested parties to breath new life into its communication.


Ethics and Integrity Policy & MAG:


Polydesign’s Ethics and Integrity Policy describes the company’s expectations regarding the standards of behavior and conduct of all employees including management. It underscores our dedication, at all levels of the organization, to the behaviors underlying our ethical standards and incarnated in our MAG philosophy and values. (Massirat Al Ghad – March towards the future)

Polydesign’s Ethics and Integrity Policy is based on fundamental principals:

  • Respect:

All people are equal as human beings. Some may have higher ranking positions or a higher level of studies, but that does not make them better than others, only different. Through hard work and dedication, everyone can advance.

  • Communication:

 As management, we are bound to communicate as clearly and effectively as possible with all levels of the organization, so every person understands the challenges and goals of the organization, as well as the achievements and failures.

  • Listening:

It is not enough to communicate, but we must also listen to our people and hear what they have to say and never be closed-minded.


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